Our Location



  • Hualien to Taitung:
    • Taiwan 9 Provincial Road → Rehabilitation North Road → See the next intersection of Nanwang Police Station and turn left to 596 Lane of Rehabilitation North Road → Go straight to Wenchang Road → Xing'an Road 1 sec., turn left → turn right to Xinxing Road → Rice Resort Hotel.
    • Taiwan 11 Provincial Highway → Exit to Zhonghua Bridge, turn right to Mahengheng Avenue → Mahengheng and Zhihang Road intersections, go straight to Xing'an Road → turn to Xinxing Road → Rice Resort Hotel.
  • Kaohsiung to Taitung
    • Kaohsiung → Taitung (Taiwan nine Provincial Road) → Zhongxing Road 2nd  Section → Lianhang Road Left Turn → Straight Line of Zhizhi Road 1 sec → Direct Line to Xing'an Road → Right to Xinxing Road → Rice Resort Hotel.
  • Taitung Railway Station Hotel
  • Taitung Airlines Station Hotel